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HOMEWORLD: Unknown, Extragalaxtic
TOTAL POPULATION: Unknown, possibly extinct

 Unknown, possibly millions of years


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The Precursors are the most ancient race known in the universe, having existed for possibly longer than the age of the current universe. They are responsible for bringing much if not all of the sapient life to the Milky Way galaxy, including the Forerunners and humanity. While in the time of the Forerunners they had artifacts spread throughout the galaxy, they were all wiped out during the firing of the Halo Array, leaving nearly no trace of their existence in the modern day.
Forerunners Human

time Ancient History

Very little is known of the Precursors and their technology, and what is known is often unclear and occasionally contradictory. It is known that the Precursors existed millions of years before the Forerunners or ancient humanity, and possibly billions. At some point prior to the Forerunner civilization, the Precursors arrived in the Milky Way, constructing impossibly complex structures on countless worlds. Around fifteen million years ago, the Precursors birthed the Forerunner species, seemingly with the hope that they would ascend and be able to protect was is called the Mantle of Responsibility. Five million years after that, however, the Precursors deemed the Forerunners a failed experiment and slated them for removal from the galaxy, seemingly with the hope that humanity, also a Precursor creation, would be able to rise to protect the Mantle. Learning of this and feeling under threat from their creators, the Forerunners retaliated and wiped out all the Precursors in the Milky Way and adjacent Large Magellanic Cloud.

While it is unknown why the Precursors allowed the Forerunners to destroy them, what was left of the Precursors remained in the outer reaches of the galaxy following the war. These remains came in the form of a desiccated powder that, with the help of ancient humanity, mutated and became the Flood, and the Primordial, known as the last of the Precursors, that shared a mind with the Flood and all Graveminds after. Though officially wiped out from the galaxy, their legacy continued with the Flood, who ultimately completed the Precursor’s task of removing the Forerunners from the galaxy and providing humanity with the opportunity to ascend to the Mantle.

Precursor Notable Precursors

Although it is unknown whether the Primordial was a true Precursor, it is the only known being to ever claim to be from the ancient species. Its desire to see the Forerunner race wiped out because of the Forerunner-Precursor War was unquestioned, and its intelligence is thought to be the same shared intelligence that is behind the Gravemind and the Flood.