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HOMEWORLD: Sanghelios

AVERAGE SIZE: 7.5 - 8.5 feet, 310 - 390 lbs
 > 100 years


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The Sangheili are a proud warrior race whose civilization developed rapidly following the Great Purification in 97,445 BCE. Assisted by an abundance of Forerunner artifacts on their homeworld of Sanghelios, the Sangheili grew to worship the Forerunners, espousing a hands-off culture that sparked conflict with the San'Shyuum Reformists they came into contact with in 938 BCE. Eventually a peace was formed between the two species, creating the Covenant and giving the Sangheili leadership roles in the military.
SanShyuum Jiralhanae

time Ancient History

The Sangheili were one of the many species that was repopulated as part of the Conservation Measure following the Great Purification around 100,000 years ago. Their homeworld, Sanghelios, is the resting place for many Forerunner relics, and because of this the Sangheili civilization grew up worshiping the Forerunners and their creations. When the San’Shyuum arrived in Sangheili-occupied space in 938 BCE, conflict arose quickly between the San’Shyuum who wanted to exploit the Forerunner artifacts for their benefit, and the Sangheili who wanted to leave the artifacts undisturbed. Known as the War of Beginnings, fighting continued between the two species for over eighty years until 852 BCE when a peace treaty known as the Writ of Union was signed. In addition to ending the conflict, the Writ of Union joined the two races in an alliance known as the Covenant, starting a galactic hegemony that would last the next three-thousand years.

Worlds Worlds

The Sangheili were space-faring and colonizing extrasolar planets even before they came into contact with the San'Shyuum in 938 BCE. Though it isn't known how many Sangheili colonies there are, there are at least over a dozen worlds that are considered uner Sangheili control.

3pm Modern History

As part of the Covenant, the Sangheili acted as the primary fighting force, commanding fleets of warships, leading ground troops into battle, and even serving as the Honor Guard in charge of protecting the San’Shyuum Hierarchs. Though a handful of Sangheili were brave enough to challenge the high prophets’ rule throughout the years, albeit unsuccessfully, most were content to be the military commanders of the Covenant. This arrangement continued for millennia until the end of the Human-Covenant War, when the Prophet of Truth forcibly replaced the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae as the military leaders of the Covenant. This act, known as the Changing of the Guard, was not taken well by the Sangheili, and sparked a massive civil war within the Covenant that directly led to its collapse.

Following the end of the Covenant and war with humanity in 2552, the Sangheili struggled to form a new centralized power structure, starting their own civil war known as the Blooding Years where the most powerful factions vied for power over Sanghelios and their species. Having been a member of the Covenant for so many years, very few Sangheili were skilled at anything other than fighting, leading to a lack of skilled and unskilled labor on the planet and an overabundance of warriors. After years of fighting on and off-world, however, the conflict finally abated with the destruction of Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant and the cementing of power by Thel ‘Vadam and the Swords of Sanghelios in October 2558.

Elite Notable Sangheili

As the heads of the Covenant military, there are many Sangheili who became well-known leaders, both to the Covenant, but also to the UNSC. By far the most famous is the former Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, who commanded the Fleet of Particular Justice inthe later years of the Human-Covenant War, being held responsible for billions of human casualties. He is even more well-known for his defection to the side of the UNSC during the final days of the war, helping the Master Chief to defeat the Prophet of Truth on the Ark.