Halo grunts

TOTAL POPULATION: ~320 million on Balaho, unknown galaxy-wide
TECHNOLOGY LEVEL: Tier 2 (Tier 6 before joining Covenant)

AVERAGE SIZE: 4.5 - 5.5 feet, 250 - 260 lbs
 Unknown, probably < 60 years


About About

The Unggoy were a relatively recent addition to the Covenant, and due to their relatively diminutive size, intelligence, and technological advancement, were assigned to most of the menial tasks, in both combat and non-combat roles. They proved a substantial benefit to the Covenant's goals, though they had their drawbacks, such as a very rapid population growth rate and the requirement to breathe oxygen. Following the Human-Covenant War, Unggoy mostly followed whichever faction they felt was most beneficial for them, though many returned to their homeworld of Balaho.
Kig-Yar Lekgolo

time Ancient History

Prior to the activation of the Halo Array, the Unggoy species managed to achieve Tier 4 technological status, having entered the space age. The biosphere of their homeworld Balaho was devastated by over-industrialization, however, and the species suffered significant technological setback. Following the reseeding of the galaxy including Balaho, the Unggoy civilization grew again, though only reaching Tier 6 due to the difficult climate.

It wasn’t until 2142 that the Covenant finally stumbled upon Balaho and the Unggoy, quickly absorbing them into the Covenant hierarchy. Unlike most species who were incorporated due to acceptance of the faith or an understanding of mutual beneficence, the Unggoy were forced to join, effectively becoming enslaved and forced into the most lowly positions in the religious organization. Even so, the Unggoy quickly adopted the Covenant faith, becoming some of the most fervent believers in the Great Journey.

The inclusion of the Unggoy into the Covenant was disruptive to the delicate hierarchy that had existed prior, with the Kig-Yar and Unggoy fighting over the bottom two rungs of the social ladder. This fighting came to a head in 2462, when the Kig-Yar poisoned a large swath of the Unggoy population on High Charity, rendering them sterile. When the Covenant leadership did little to remedy the situation or punish the responsible Kig-Yar, the Unggoy revolted, leading to a major civil conflict within the Covenant that ended with the partial glassing of Balaho. Despite the rebellion being put down violently, the Unggoy won the respect of the Sangheili military leaders, and earned them minor positions within the Covenant military structure.

3pm Modern History

During the Human-Covenant War, the Unggoy served in nearly every non-leadership position within the Covenant, from ground troop to maintenance to Deacon of the Covenant faith. While numbers are not available, it is likely the Unggoy suffered the most casualties of the Covenant races, and possibly of all species involved in the conflict, as their proficient ability to breed allowed them to recover population losses rapidly. Despite their willingness to serve and die for the Covenant, they never earned equality in the eyes of any of the Covenant races, remaining the lowest tier of the Covenant species.

Following the war, Unggoy served in any position they could find in the complicated power structures that rose from the ashes of the Covenant. While most filled the same roles they did during the Covenant era, some rose to leadership roles, notably Stolt, who rose to commander of a contingent of Sangheili Rangers aboard the Shadow of Intent in 2553, and YapYap, who led an armed rebellion against the Banished forces on the Ark in 2559. When Cortana initiated the Rule of the Created at the end of 2558, the Unggoy on Balaho immediately accepted her authority and were favorited by her Created who provided them far more resources than had ever been available to them previously.

Worlds Worlds

The Unggoy are one of, if not the only species to only have colonized a single world. Balaho was once more hospitable prior to the Great Purification, but over-industrialization led to environmental collapse caused significant damage to the ecosystem. Following species reintroduction after the Halo Array was fired, the Unggoy repopulated the world, though they never reached their prior advancements due to the harsh climate.