Halo drones

TOTAL POPULATION: Unknown, likely in the millions or billions
TECHNOLOGY LEVEL: Tier 2 (Tier 4 before joining Covenant)

AVERAGE SIZE: 6 - 6.5 feet, 175 - 275 lbs


About About

The Yanme'e are a hive-minded race of flying bipedal creatures that were primarily used by the Covenant as workers, but did see combat in limited engagements. Communicating with them was difficult, and this initially sparked fighting between the Covenant and Yanme'e during their initial contact. After the end of the Human-Covenant War most communications methods with the Yanme'e were lost, and most Yanme'e disappeared from the known galaxy, presumably returning to their homeworld.
Lekgolo Huragok

time Ancient History

The Yanme’e were a flying insectoid from the planet of Palamok and from 1112 until its fall in 2552, were a member of the Covenant. Prior to joining the Covenant, the Yanme’e primarily lived within hives controlled by a hive queen on their homeworld, but they also managed to colonize at least two of the moons orbiting Palamok. When the Covenant arrived in the system searching for Forerunner artifacts they encountered the Yanme’e, who because of an inability to communicate between the species, fought back against what they considered foreign invaders. The Yanme’e mostly came out on top in most conflicts due to their sheer numbers, and it was only discovering the ability to communicate that put an end to the bloodshed and added them to the list of Covenant races.

3pm Modern History

As a member of the Covenant, the Yanme’e primarily filled the role of mechanic on warships and elsewhere, or less often as part of the drone caste of the Covenant military. During the Human-Covenant War they filled these roles regularly and were seen during many Covenant invasions of human worlds, notably on Earth where they constructed a large hive underneath the city of New Mombasa. Following the war, many Yanme’e returned home to Palamok, though others remained as part of post-Covenant factions, such as with Tem’Bhetek, Merg Vol, and Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant. The Yanme’e were notably absent from the list of species Cortana offered protection to in return for their loyalty in 2558.

Worlds Worlds

The Yanme'e have several colony worlds within their home star system of Napret, though the largest population still resides on their homeworld of Palamok, an Earth-like planet with around twice the gravity.