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Ambush at Duraan


Tem'Bhetek battling Tul 'Juran during the Ambush at Duraan, September 2553.




The Ambush at Duraan was the second part of the prelate Tem'Bhetek's plan to lure in the Shadow of Intent, capture the ship, and kill Rtas 'Vadum.  The Prelate attacked the colony at Duraan in order to draw in the Shadow of Intent, and when it arrived, used the system's unstable star to disable the Shadow of Intent's shields and board the vessel.  The sneak attack was nearly successful, but ultimately resulted in the capture of Tem'Bhetek and the death of the other boarders.  This conflict led directly into the Battle of the Prototype Halo Installation.



These events are depicted in the novella Halo: Shadow of Intentwhich was the subject of a Halo Book Club on May 31st, 2016, and also as the short story Shadow of Intent, part of the anthology Halo: Fractures.


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