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Battle of Chi Ceti

Chi Ceti IV

Spartan John-117 attempting to infiltrate the Unrelenting, November 27th, 2525.




The Battle of Chi Ceti was a battle between the UNSC Commonwealth and the Covenant vessel Unrelenting in the Chi Ceti system on November 27th, 2525.  While transporting the Spartan-IIs to the Damascus Testing Facility on Chi Ceti IV to receive their MJOLNIR Mk. IV Powered Assault Armor, the Commonwealth is intercepted by the Unrelenting.  After a brief encounter, the Commonwealth was able to temporarily disable the Unrelenting and transport the Spartan-IIs planet-side to retrieve their armor.

During armor testing, the Commonwealth was reengaged by the Unrelenting and the Spartan-IIs were forced to transit back to the frigate to assist in the battle.  En-route, John-117, Kelly-087, and Samuel-034 went EVA along with three nuclear warheads and infiltrated the Unrelenting, placing the warheads inside the Covenant vessel.  During the ensuing firefight, Samuel-034's MJOLNIR armor was breached, leaving him incapable of returning to the Commonwealth.  Samuel-034 remained behind to ensure the warheads detonated successfully.



These events are depicted in the novel, comic, and animated series Halo: The Fall of Reach.  The animated series was the subject of a Halo Book Club on September 9th, 2016.


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