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Battle of Gamma Pavonis VII

Cairo Station

Miranda Keyes, accepting a medal for her father, Captain Jacob Keyes, awarded posthumously for his actions on Installation 04. October 20th, 2552.




The Battle of Gamma Pavonis VII was a small skirmish over the planet of Gamma Pavonis VII in the Gamma Pavonis system in early 2550.  The battle involved one Covenant destroyer, three UNSC corvettes, and the unarmed UNSC Hilbert, under command by Miranda Keyes.  Though the UNSC ships were outmatched by the single Covenant destroyer, the UNSC won the battle when the Hilbert rammed the destroyer and drove it into the planet's gravity well.  Only Keyes and one other survived from the Hilbert, Keyes earning a promotion and the command of the UNSC In Amber Clad in part due to her actions at Gamma Pavonis VII.



These events are referenced in Dr. Halsey's Journal, part of the Limited and Collectors Edition of the game Halo: Reach.


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