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Battle of Jericho VII

Jameson Locke

Jameson Locke, shown here during the Mission to Alpha Shard in 2556, was orphaned during the Battle of Jericho VII, and later became an ONI agent and then a Spartan IV.




The Battle of Jericho VII was a three-day naval and ground battle pitting the UNSC versus the Covenant forces in the Lambda Serpentis system.  The ground forces, including Spartan-II Blue Team, were successful in repelling the Covenant invasion forces, but ultimately the UNSC Navy lost the battle in orbit and UNSC troops were forced to retreat.  The battle resulted in the loss of Jericho VII and the glassing of the planet.

In addition to several Alpha Company Spartan-IIIs, Jameson Locke, ONI agent and later Spartan-IV, was also orphaned during the battle of Jericho VII.



These events are depicted in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach.


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