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Battle of New Phoenix

Battle of New Phoenix

UNSC forces holding off Covenant and Promethean forces during the Battle of New Phoenix, July 2557.




The Battle of New Phoenix was a military engagement between the UNSC and Covenant remnant forces under command of Jul 'Mdama in the city of New Phoenix on Earth, immediately after the New Phoenix Incident and the Battle of Installation 03 in July 2557.  The Covenant forces had opened a portal to ferry their forces from Installation 03 to New Phoenix at the end of the Battle for Installation 03, and due to the New Phoenix Incident, did not face any civilians, only UNSC forces.  The Covenant had planned on using this portal as the starting point for an invasion of Earth, but the UNSC managed to hold back forces and close the portal using the Conduit they had recovered from Gamma Halo.  



These events are depicted in the video game Halo: Spartan Strike.


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