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Construction of High Charity

High Charity construction

852 BCE - 791 BCE

A Covenant Hierarch oversees the construction of High Charity, c. 850 BCE.




The Writ of Union not only formed an alliance between the Sangheili and the San’Shyuum, but also commissioned the construction of a great holy city of the Covenant, known as High Charity. Repurposing the Forerunner Dreadnought as a massive power source for the new world rather than as a weapon, High Charity quickly became the greatest accomplishment of the Covenant, serving as the hub for all activity commissioned by the high prophets, be it economic or militaristic. For the next several millennia, High Charity would be a monument of the height of Covenant power, eventually succumbing to the Flood and crashing onto the surface of the Lesser Ark during the Battle of Installation 00 in 2552.




These events are depicted in the novel Halo: Broken Circle.


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