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Construction of Maethrillian


~125,000 BCE

Maethrillian during the Fate of Maethrillian, c. 97,455 BCE




Around 125,000 BCE, the Forerunners built the crown jewel of their civilization, an artificial world that served as the center of all Forerunner governance, Maethrillian. Built as a series of planetary plates connected via a single axle, Maethrillian sported a 100,000 kilometer diameter at its central disc, making the world nearly the size of the planet Saturn. Unknown to most Forerunners at the time or ever was that the world was constructed around an ancient Precursor construct with strong connections to the Domain known as Abaddon. Though very large and functioning as the center of government for the entire Forerunner species, the world was home to only several hundred thousand Forerunners who served as part of the government.




These events are referenced in the novel Halo: Cryptum, which was the subject of a Halo Book Club on June 13th, 2016.


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