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Domus Diaspora

Domus Diaspora

A colony ship prepares to take colonists to an extrasolar planet.




The Domus Diaspora was a time period during humanity’s expansion into the galaxy that saw massive colonization efforts of hundreds of colony worlds in the span of around thirty years, starting in 2362. Following the invention of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine in 2291, humanity began constructing colony ships in 2310, though colonization efforts wouldn’t officially begin for several decades. On January 1st, 2362, a fleet of one-hundred colony ships, led by the Odyssey, left the Sol system for Epsilon Eridani, starting the first of humanity’s extrasolar colonies at Reach, Tribute, and Circumstance. By 2390, over two-hundred total colonies would be founded, later becoming what is now known as the inner colonies. The decades that followed saw the formation of over eight-hundred total worlds, the majority of which became known as the outer colonies.




These events are referenced in several Halo reference books, including the Halo Encyclopedia and Halo: Mythos.


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