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Interplanetary War

Interplanetary War

A UNSC Marine under fire sometime during conflict between 2160 and 2170.




The Interplanetary War was a six-year conflict between the United Nations, neo-communists known as the Koslovics, and the corporate-backed Friedens, an movement with strong fascist roots. Due to increasing population and limited land prior to the invention of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, conflict arose starting in the late 2150s, with terrorist attacks on Earth and among the colonies in the Sol system. These conflicts, including fighting on the moons of Jupiter, South America, and on Mars, were fierce, but remained regional until a series of military responses by the United Nations in the colonies of the Sol system ignited a intra-solar war that saw the creation of the United Nations Space Command and the first extraterrestrial deployment of UNSC Marines. The conflict was eventually won by the United Nations, ending with the signing of the Callisto Treaty and the formation of the Unified Earth Government.




These events are referenced in the reference book Halo: Mythos.


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