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Jovian Moons Campaign

Jovian Moons Campaign

Soldiers assaulting a facility in the Sol system, c. 2160-2170




The Jovian Moons Campaign was a brief conflict in 2160 between the corporate-backed Friedens and the neo-communist Koslovics on several of the Jovian moons, spurred by a Frieden attack on a team of colonial advisers sent by the United Nations to help police the often violent region. Though the conflict was brief, it saw heavy casualties, including many United Nations forces who were sent to try and stop the fighting. This conflict was the first major fighting in what would become nearly a decade of continuous warfare in the extraterrestrial colonies in the Sol system, ending in the six year-long Interplanetary War.




These events are referenced in multiple reference books, including the Halo Encyclopedia and Halo: Mythos.


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