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Mission to Alpha Shard

Halo Nightfall

Jameson Locke, along with the rest of the team sent to Alpha Shard to destroy the source of the bio-weapon used in the Sedra City Mall Bombing, February 2556.




The Mission to Alpha Shard was a joint ONI and Sedran Colonial Guard mission to secure and eliminate the source of the bio-weapon used in the Sedra City Mall Bombing in February 2556.  The mission was led by ONI Agent Jameson Locke and Sedran Colonial Guard Colonel Randall Aiken, formerly Spartan-II Randall-037, who traveled to Alpha Shard, a fragment of Alpha Halo left over from the Battle of Installation 04.  During the mission, it was discovered the Halo shard was infested with Lekgolo worms, which were attracted to the electronics equipment brought by the team.  Despite this, the team was able to place the HAVOK nuclear warhead brought to eliminate the bio-weapon source and Jameson Locke was able to escape before the warhead was detonated.  Most of the team, including Randall Aiken, was killed.



These events are depicted in the movie Halo: Nightfallwhich was the subject of several Spoilercast episodes in November and December 2014.


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