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Mission to Janjur Qom

Janjur Qom

850 BCE

The homeworld of the San’Shyuum, Janjur Qom, c. 850 BCE.




Following the end of the War of Beginnings, the San’Shyuum undertook an effort to recover additional females for breeding purposes from their homeworld, known as the Mission to Janjur Qom. Due to the Reformist San’Shyuum leaving their homeworld with the limited genetic material of only 1,000 total individuals, they quickly ran into problems with creating healthy offspring. In an attempt to widen the gene pool, a voyage back to their homeworld was made to recover additional females as well as a luminary. The mission was a success, though the Stoics on Janjur Qom fought back during the mission, killing some reformists and destroying the luminary.




These events are depicted in the novel Halo: Broken Circle.


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