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Raid on the Biko Peace Talks

Hunt the Truth

John-117 entering the Biko embassy during the Raid on the Biko Peace Talks, March 2558.




The Raid on the Biko Peace Talks was an attempted terrorist attack on peace talks between the Unified Earth Government and Sangheili on the colony world of Biko in March 2558.  The peace talks were planned to occur between UEG ambassador Richard Sekibo and Sangheili ambassadors, but were infiltrated by a human terrorist organization known as Sapien Sunrise.  While the peace talks were productive, the terrorist attack managed to end the talks prior to any agreement being reached.  Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 did successfully stop the terrorist attack before any assassinations could be carried out, but the talks were still halted and Richard Sekibo was killed during the altercation.



These events are depicted in the audio drama Hunt the Truthwhich was featured in several Spoilercast episodes from June to November 2015.


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