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Raid on UNSC Infinity

Raid on UNSC Infinity

The New Colonial Alliance forces, led by Ilsa Zane, planning their attempted take over of the UNSC Infinity, January 2553.




The Raid on UNSC Infinity was an attempted infiltration and commandeering of the UNSC Infinity by insurrectionist forces calling themselves the New Colonial Alliance in January 2553.  The attack was headed by UNSC defector Admiral Mattius Drake, and carried out by Ilsa Zane, the first Spartan-IV, who had been driven mad by her augmentations.  The attack was nearly successful, with the insurrectionist forces gaining access to the Infinity and taking control of the bridge, before being flushed out.  The UNSC forces were eventually successful in regaining control of the Infinity, in large part due to the actions of Thomas Lasky, Captain Andrew Del Rio, Spartan Edward Davis, and Spartan Sarah Palmer.  Ilsa Zane was launched into space during the battle, but ultimately survived.



These events are depicted in the comic Halo: Initiation.


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