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Rainforest Wars

Rainforest Wars

United Nations, Frieden, and Koslovic forces clashing sometime between 2160 and 2170.




The Rainforest Wars was a large-scale conflict from 2162 to 2163 between the fascist Friedens, the neo-communist Koslovics, and the forces of the United Nations on the continent of South America. The fighting was a continuation of violent clashes that had sprung up between the groups throughout the Sol system, notably the Jovian Moons Campaign two years prior. This was the first war between the groups, and though most fighting ceased before the close of 2163, did not end the conflict between the groups. Major clashes would continue between all three factions, ending in the Interplanetary War from 2164 to 2170.




These events are referenced in multiple reference books, including the Halo Encyclopedia and Halo: Mythos.


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