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Rediscovery of the Etran Harborage

Smoke and Shadow

The Ace of Spades approaching the remains of the Etran Harborage, January 2557.




Sometime in January 2557, Rion Forge, a post-war salvager, and her ship the Ace of Spades, discover the location of what was left of the Etran Harborage after the destruction of the shield world during the events of the Battle of the Etran Harborage in 2531.  The crew were able to determine that the Etran Harborage was the last known location of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, but were not able to locate the ship itself, in part due to an attack carried out by Jul 'Mdama's lieutenant Gek 'Lhar.



These events are depicted in the novella Halo: Smoke and Shadow, which was the subject of a Halo Book Club on March 14th, 2019.


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