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Sedra City Mall Bombing

Sedra City

Sedra City, shown just prior to the bombing, February 7th, 2556.




The Sedra City Mall Bombing was a terrorist attack on the human colony world of Sedra in the Orrichon system by an unknown Sangheili terrorist organization in February 2556.  The attack utilized a bio-weapon that only targeted specific humans, the source of which was discovered to be the remains of Installation 04 from after John-117 detonated the Pillar of Autumn's engines at the end of the Battle of Installation 04.  A team of ONI agents led by Jameson Locke attempted to stop the attack, but they were unsuccessful.



These events are depicted in the movie Halo: Nightfallwhich was the subject of several Spoilercast episodes in November and December 2014.


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