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Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor




The Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor was a small battle that took place between ONI intel unit Kilo-Five and Kig-Yar pirates on the CCS-class battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor in the Shaps system in April 2553.  The ship was originally stolen from the Servants of the Abiding Truth by Kig-Yar Sav Fel, who was looking to sell the Inquisitor on the black market.  During his attempts to sell the ship, both the Kilo-Five and Kig-Yar pirates sent by Avu Med 'Telcam converged on the ship and battled for possession.  The battle resulted in the destruction of the Pious Inquisitor and the neutralization of the threat to humanity.  



These events are depicted in the novel Halo: Mortal Dictata..


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