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Spartan-IV First Class Training Program

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer undergoing the augmentation procedures for becoming a Spartan-IV, January 7th, 2553.




The Spartan-IV program was the third successful Spartan training program and the first since the end of the Human-Covenant War.  The first Spartan-IV Class began augmentations and training in 2553, and consisted of 145 candidates.  Spartan-IV candidates received their augmentations on a facility on Mars, and trained on a top secret orbital space station.  The Spartan-IV program is known for being the first Spartan program to use volunteers instead of recruiting or kidnapping children, as was done in the Spartan-III and Spartan-II programs.  The Spartan-IV program is headed by former Spartan-II Musa-096 and former Spartan-III Jun-A266.

Notable members of the first class of Spartan-IVs are Sarah Palmer, Edward Davis, and Vladimir Scruggs.



These events are depicted in the comic Halo: Initiation.


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