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Taming of the Lekgolo

Taming of the Lekgolo

789 BCE - 784 BCE

A Covenant Arbiter faces off against a colony of Lekgolo on the moon Rantu, c. 784 BCE.




The Taming of the Lekgolo was a five-year campaign by the Covenant to first destroy, and later incorporate the Lekgolo into the Covenant hierarchy from 789 to 784 BCE. When the Covenant first discovered the Lekgolo, they were appalled that they had destroyed countless Forerunner artifacts due to the Lekgolo using them as food. After years of fighting, however, the Covenant sent an Arbiter to one of the moons around the Lekgolo homeworld of Te, who eventually realized the best way to win was to allow the Lekgolo a place in their ranks. The San’Shyuum reluctantly agreed, and amended the Writ of Union to include the Lekgolo as a member of the Covenant.




These events are referenced in the novels Halo: Contact Harvest which was the subject of a Halo Book Club on September 29th, 2014, and Halo: Broken Circle.


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