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Unggoy Rebellion

Unggoy Rebellion

Unggoy on High Charity rebel and burn parts of the city, c. 2462.




Following years of abuse of Unggoy at the hands of the Kig-Yar culminating in the sterilization of thousands via poisoning, the Unggoy Rebellion began in 2462 to protest their treatment by the Kig-Yar and the Covenant as a whole. Though individually weak, the rebellion proved effective due to the large numbers of Unggoy living on High Charity. To stop the rebellion, an Arbiter was assigned, and he proceeded to begin glassing the Unggoy homeworld of Balaho. Fearing the loss of so many breeding partners, the Unggoy Rebellion ceased, putting an end to the brief conflict.

The Unggoy gained respect following the rebellion, however, as the Sangheili observed drive and honor in the Unggoy they hadn’t seen before. Because of this, Unggoy were incorporated into the military ranks and given weapons for the first time, though they still were considered the lowest of the Covenant species.




These events are referenced in the novel Halo: Contact Harvest and the reference book the Halo Encyclopedia.


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