UNSC Everest

TYPE: Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser
DESTRUCTION DATE: April 18, 2543

ARMAMENT: Unknown MAC coilguns


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Everest served as the command ship of Admiral Preston J. Cole from 2525 until its apparent destruction and Cole's apparent death in 2543. During that time Cole used the ship to command numerous fleets into battle with the Covenant, who's bravery and cunning strategy is credited with slowing the Covenant advance considerably.
Spirit of Fire Forward Unto Dawn

time Service Record

The UNSC Everest was the flagship of both UNSC Battle Group X-Ray, and later of Battle Group India. It was commanded by Preston Cole from 2525 until its apparent destruction in 2543. During that time, the Everest saw significant combat, being the lead warship during the Second Battle of Harvest, the Battle of the Great Bear, and largest and its final and largest battle, the Battle of Psi Serpentis. The Everest was lost, along with Preston Cole and its entire crew, when the gas giant Viperidae was briefly ignited during the Battle of Psi Serpentis, engulfing both the Everest and an entire Covenant fleet of over three-hundred ships. It is suspected that the Everest actually made a last-second slipspace jump and survived the battle, though it has never been found.

book Featured Novels

Though it has only appeared a couple times in the Halo lore, Everest continues to appear in Halo novels from time to time.

book Featured Comics

Everest makes a brief appearance in Halo Wars Genesis, playing out many of the same events as were mentioned in the Evolutions short story The Impossible Life and the Possible Death of Preston J. Cole.