Forward Unto Dawn

TYPE: Charon-class light frigate
DESTRUCTION DATE: December 11th, 2552

DIMENSIONS: 490 x 155 x 139 meters
ARMAMENT: 1 light-coil MAC coilgun / 1500 Archer missiles
COMPLIMENT: 782 personnel




The Forward Unto Dawn was a light frigate that, while larger than its cousin the In Amber Clad, was smaller than the average UNSC ship, and far smaller than almost every Covenant warship.  While small, the Dawn was still a vital asset in the Battle for Earth, leading the charge against the Covenant activating the Portal at Voi.  When that attack failed, the Dawn was the only UNSC vessel sent through the portal along with the Fleet of Retribution.  At the Ark, the Dawn assisted the Master Chief and the 11th Marine Force Reconnaissance in stopping the Prophet of Truth and ending the final battle in the Human-Covenant War.  Though most of the crew and marines sent to the Ark perished, the ship was still able to transport the Arbiter and Master Chief through the portal before Installation 08 fired, though only half made the entire trip back to Earth.  The rear half, while completely severed from the front half of the ship, still maintained life-support systems for years after, as the Master Chief and Cortana drifted through space until their eventual arrival at Requiem several years later.