Halo Guardians

TYPE: Forerunner Peacemakers

DIMENSIONS: 1.4 kilometers tall
ARMAMENT: 1 disruption generator


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Guardian Custodes, the full name of what are more commonly known as Guardians, were deployed in various places across the galaxy as peacekeeping vessels to watch over what Forerunners deemed lesser species. They were widely used prior to the firing of the Halo Array, but went dormant once the Forerunners were wiped out, not returning until their reawakening in 2558 by Cortana and the Domain.

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The Guardians are an automated Forerunner peacekeeping weapon, designed to ensure the lesser races were kept in check duirng the Forerunner Era. They were in use throughout the Milky Way galaxy, though went dormant in the aftermath of the Great Purification.

In modern times they were mostly undiscovered until they were awoken by Cortana in 2558 when she started the Raising of the Guardians. The Guardians were applied throughout the galaxy to subdue any and all forces that wouldn’t submit to her rule. Of note was a Guardian’s subduing of Earth, which bore the brunt of Cortana’s attack on the galaxy.

3pm Featured Games

Guardians were introduced in Halo 5, though they also make an appearance at the end of Halo Wars 2.

book Featured Novels

The collective event known as the Raising of the Guardians, has been featured in different Halo novels and short stories.

book Reference Books

Guardians are not in early Halo reference books, but do appear as part of Halo Mythos.