In Amber Clad

TYPE: Stalwart-class light frigate
COMMISSION DATE: February 9th, 2547
DESTRUCTION DATE: November 3rd, 2552

DIMENSIONS: 0.48 x 0.15 x 0.11 kilometers
ARMAMENT: 1 MAC coilgun / 16 missile pods
COMPLIMENT: 514 personnel


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The UNSC In Amber Clad is a very small frigate that was built towards the end of the war in 2547. It is noted for being commanded by Commander Miranda Keyes and chasing down the Prophet of Regret's ship from New Mombasa all the way to Installation 05. Without the actions of Keyes and the In Amber Clad, Regret would have likely activated Installation 05 and wiped out all sentient life in that area of the galaxy.
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The In Amber Clad has a storied history in the UNSC, leaving the shipyard as the last Stalwart-class light frigate ever made in 2547, and by 2549 was the last Stalwart-class remaining in the UNSC fleet.  A year later in 2550, command of the ship was given to Miranda Keyes, who had recently survived the Battle of Gamma Pavonis due to her heroic actions.

Prior to the start of the Battle for Earth, the In Amber Clad was docked at Cairo Station so Miranda Keyes could accept medals posthumously awarded to her father for his actions during the Battle of Installation 04.  It was at this same time that the Battle for Earth begun, sending the In Amber Clad into battle, and leading to its involvement in the Battle of Mombasa.  

When the Solemn Penance jumped into slipspace over New Mombasa, In Amber Clad was the only UNSC vessel close enough to intercept, and followed the Covenant ship through its slipspace wake all the way to Installation 05.  Upon arrival at Delta Halo, In Amber Clad was able to deposit its forces ring-side, and was key in helping stop the Covenant from firing the Halo.  Despite this victory, however, In Amber Clad was eventually overcome by the Flood, and became the primary vector for the Flood infection that spread to High Charity as it crashed into the Covenant holy city.

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Though it was built in 2547, only the last couple weeks of the In Amber Clad's life are depicted in Halo 2, eventually crashing into High Charity during the Battle of Installation 05.

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In Amber Clad appears in many reference books, included detailed drawings and specifications in Warfleet.