UNSC Iroquois

TYPE: Halberd-class destroyer
SERVICE PERIOD: Apr 2552 - Unknown (likely Aug 2552)

DIMENSIONS: 0.485 kilometers long
ARMAMENT: 1 MAC coilgun / 26 missile pods



The UNSC Iroquois was a UNSC destroyer commissioned in 2552, just before the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Command of the vessel was given to Commander Jacob Keyes, who wasd forced to take it into battle almost as soon as the ship was launched, fighting off three Covenant ships with just the single vessel, an unprescedented feat then or at any time during the war. The Iroquois joined up with the fleet at Sigma Octanus IV, engaging in a battle between 48 UNSC and 24 Covenant warships, eventually emerging victorious.

time Service Record

The Iroquois was a UNSC destroyer that entered service in 2552 and was assigned to Captain Jacob Keyes. Soon after commissioning, the Iroquois became involved in a conflict with a small contingent of Covenant warships in the Sigma Octanus system, performing was later become known at the Keyes Loop to evade and destroy two Covenant frigates and a destroyer despite facing overwhelming force. A Covenant carrier evaded the skirmish, deploying troops to the surface of Sigma Octanus IV, to which the Iroquois responded by deploying Spartan-IIs to repel the ground forces.

Following the engagement, repair efforts began on the Iroquois, though were not completed before a full-scale Covenant invasion force entered the system en-route for Sigma Octanus IV. The Iroquois, along with a large contingent of UNSC forces engaged the Covenant forces and won the battle in space, a rare victory for the UNSC. During the battle, the Iroquois discovered a Covenant stealth craft in orbit over the planet, retrieving a signal from Covenant ground forces. The Iroquois engaged, ultimately ramming the vessel and destroying it.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Iroquois left the system for repairs at Reach, though was tagged by a Covenant probe, revealing the location of Reach to the Covenant. Once they arrived at their destination, the crew of the Iroquois was reassigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. The fate of the Iroquois afterwards is unknown, though it was likely involved in the Fall of Reach and destroyed.

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The actions of Commander Jacob Keyes and the UNSC Iroquois before and during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV are depicted in The Fall of Reach.

book Featured Comics

Like the novel by the same name, the Fall of Reach comic depicts the UNSC Iroquois during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.

book Reference Books

The Iroquois makes a brief appearance over Sigma Octanus IV in Halo Mythos.