Long Night of Solace

TYPE: CSO-class supercarrier
DESTRUCTION DATE: August 14th, 2552

DIMENSIONS: 28.96 x 11.45 x 3.56 kilometers
ARMAMENT: Energy projectors / Plasma turrets


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The CSO-class supercarrier, of which the Long Night of Solace was one, was the largest known Covenant warship, measuring at nearly 29 km long. The design is similar to the CAS-class assault carrier, most notably the Shadow of Intent, but on a much grander scale. Not much is known about the Long Night of Solace outside of its involvement in the Fall of Reach, but it is known that the Fleet of Valiant Prudence, led by the Long Night of Solace, discovered the location of Reach through Forerunner artifacts discovered at Beta Eridani in the summer of 2552.
Iroquois Shadow of Intent

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Though similar in hull shape to the smaller (relatively) CAS-class assault carriers such as the Shadow of Intent, the Long Night of Solace is over five times longer, stretching to eighteen miles in length.  Its massive size mades it a nearly invincible enemy of the UNSC, and its deployment during the early stages of the invasion of Reach meant it was the central focus for the planet's defenses before they were entirely overwhelmed.  Though the UNSC, through the actions of Spartan-III Noble Team, successfully destroyed the Long Night of Solace using a sabotaged slipspace drive, the damaged caused by it and its supporting fleet were enough to put the defense forces on their heels, and they were completely obliterated upon the arrival of subsequent Covenant fleets at Reach.

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The Long Night of Solace was introduced in Halo: Reach, and though it has not since returned in a video game, it was in the tabletop game Fleet Battles.

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The ship has appeared several times in reference books, including a mention in the recent ship-based Halo: Warfleet.