TYPE: Flagship of the Didact

DIMENSIONS: 142,700 x 138,600 x 371,400 meters
ARMAMENT: 1 Composer, 1,700 light mass fusillade cannons
COMPLIMENT: 5.5 million Venatores, > 1 billion Promethean constructs




Mantle’s Approach was the command ship of the Didact, serving as his personal ship of war from the time it was constructed during the Human-Forerunner Wars, through the Forerunner-Flood War and the firing of the Halo Array, and again after the return of the Didact during the Battle of Requiem. Mantle’s Approach is one of the largest Forerunner ships ever constructed, and by far the most powerful. It was involved in many battles during the war with the Flood, including the Battle of the Greater Ark. Prior to the end of that battle, the Didact used a Composer fitted onto Mantle’s Approach to compose all the humans on Omega Halo, the last of the Senescent Halos, and used their composed essences to create Promethean Knights. Due to this reckless act, the Librarian followed the Ur-Didact to Requiem, where she imprisoned him into a cryptum, leaving Mantle’s Approach to sit abandoned within Requiem for the next 100,000 years.

Following the return of the Ur-Didact after he was released from his cryptum in 2557 by John-117, he sought to quickly regain command of the vessel, and used it to leave Requiem in search of a Composer. The Ur-Didact found one at Ivanoff Station nearby Gamma Halo, and using it, composed everyone on the ship, save Master Chief himself. The Ur-Didact then took Mantle’s Approach to Earth, where he began composing humans in New Phoenix in what is known as the New Phoenix Incident. Due to the actions of John-117, however, the attack was stopped and Mantle’s Approach was destroyed by a nuclear detonation within the ship.