Pious inquisitor

TYPE: CCS-class battlecruiser

DIMENSIONS: 1,782 x 862 x 231 meters
ARMAMENT: 2 Energy projectors




Like the Shadow of Intent, Pious Inquisitor had a storied history, changing hands several times before finally meeting its end in 2553.  During the Battle for Earth, Pious Inquisitor was part of the Prophet of Regret's Fleet of Sacred Consecration that arrived first on October 20th, 2552.  Inquisitor survived the initial attack, and remained a Jiralhanae-commanded vessel until the Great Schism, when it was captured by Rtas 'Vadum and used against the Jiralhanae and High Charity to win the battle for Thel 'Vadam's Fleet of Retribution.  The ship then traveled back to Earth, where it was used to help contain the Flood outbreak through glassing, and again traveled to Installation 00, where it managed to survive.

After the war, the ship was returned to Sanghelios, but was stolen by Avu Med 'Telcam and the Servants of the Abiding Truth soon after.  Before the Inquisitor could be used by the Servants, however, it was yet again pirated by Kig-Yar Sav Fel and sold to human insurrectionist sympathizer Staffan Sentzke.  Sentzke had hoped to use the ship to get answers from the UNSC about was happened to his daughter thirty-five years earlier, but he was intercepted by ONI and the ship was destroyed during the conflict.