Spirit of Fire

TYPE: Phoenix-class support vessel
COMMISSION DATE: 2473 (military refit 2520)

DIMENSIONS: 2,500 x 800 x 689 meters
ARMAMENT: 3 MAC coilguns / 24 Archer missile pods
COMPLIMENT: 11,350 personnel




The Spirit of Fire was Initially built as a colony support vessel, ferrying colonists and supplies to support the UNSC's colonization effort.  After the insurrection drove a wedge between outer colonists and the Unified Earth Government, the ship was refitted as a military support vessel fifty years after it initially entered service.  This came only five years prior to the war with the Covenant, and the Spirit of Fire was put to great use fighting Covenant in Cole's fleet, particularly at Harvest.  At the end of the Harvest Campaign in 2531, the Spirit of Fire followed the Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee to Arcadia, and later the Etran Harborage, where they successfully stopped the Covenant from recovering a fleet of Forerunner warships, at the cost of their slipspace drive.

The Spirit of Fire was adrift in space for the next 28 years, until it arrived at Installation 00, or the Ark, where they came into contact with the Banished.  The crew managed to survive again, this time by using the Ark's own defenses against itself.  As of 2559, the Spirit of Fire is still located at the Ark.