STATUS: Partially glassed (Covenant attack 2462)

POPULATION: 320 million




Balaho is the homeworld of the Unggoy, and is known for being the most different of the Covenant homeworlds, being far colder than average and supporting an atmosphere of methane.  When the Covenant discovered the Unggoy in 2142, they found a planet experiencing severe overpopulation, though this was quickly remedied by the Unggoy's willingness to leave the planet and serve the Covenant.  The Unggoy remained mostly loyal servants to the Covenant, though had repeated conflicts with the different Covenant races, particularly with the Kig-Yar.  This boiled over into the Unggoy Rebellion in 2462, when Unggoy throughout High Charity revolted, causing widespread damage despite their small size.  The Covenant put an end to this rebellion by partially glassing Balaho, quelling the revolt and putting the Unggoy in line.