Charum Hakkor

HOST STAR: Unknown
STATUS: Devastated (Human-Forerunner Wars)

SPECIES: Ancient Humanity




Charum Hakkor was the capital world of the ancient human civilization and the location for the final major battle of the Human-Forerunner Wars. Aside from being the home many ancient humans, Charum Hakkor was also the location where the Primordial was imprisoned, brought there after being discovered at the edge of the galaxy. Following the end of the war, it was also the location for the Forerunners harvesting of human essences using a composer on the remaining population, including the Lord of Admirals.

Many years later, Charum Hakkor was the site of another attack, this time during the test firing of Zeta Halo in the system, wiping out all remaining life in the system and freeing the Primordial from its cage. It was at this point that the Primordial was taken to the surface of the Halo for study, who subsequently corrupted the ancilla in command of the Halos, Mendicant Bias.