STATUS: Damaged (Attacked by Swords of Sanghelios in 2557)

POPULATION: 1.9 billion
SPECIES: Sangheili




Hesduros is a Sangheili colony world, formerly known as Kelekos by the Forerunners. In 2553, Jul ‘Mdama stumbled upon the colony after traveling through a portal from the Sarcophagus, discovering the residents of the colony were both unaware of the end of the Covenant and extremely religiously devout. It was here that Jul ‘Mdama was able to form his own Covenant, which he initially used to search for the Didact. After studying the Forerunner artifacts on Hesduros that pointed ‘Mdama to Requiem, he convinced the entire colony to follow behind him, turning the entire planet of nearly two billion Sangheili into his soldiers and source of ships and weaponry.

For the first few years following the end of the Covenant, Hesduros grew into a strong manufacturing and military power behind ‘Mdama, and used that power to explore the galaxy for Forerunner artifacts, notably at Requiem where ‘Mdama battled the UNSC forces there until the shield world was thrown into the nearby star. Following ‘Mdama’s death in 2558, Hesduros lost some of its prior strength, however it still remains a strong power in the area that fights against the powers on Sanghelios such as the Swords of Sanghelios.