High Charity

STATUS: Destroyed (Battle of Installation 00, 2552)

POPULATION: 0 (7.7 billion pre-war)
SPECIES: San'shyuum Sangheili / Jiralhanae / Kig-YarUnggoy




High Charity was the holy city of the Covenant, built to be the capital and center of governance for all the races under the Covenant faith.  It was originally constructed in 791 BCE, with a foundation made of solid rock from the San'Shyuum homeworld Janjur Qom, and later covered by the "Skin of the First Worlds", part of the surface from each Covenant race's homeworld.  Power to operate such a massive city came from the Forerunner dreadnought located at its center, though High Charity also contained enough backup generators to travel through slipspace if needed.

High Charity stood as a monument to the glory of the Covenant, operating as much as the center for worship as the capital city.  It was told to the members of the Covenant that they should strive to visit High Charity at least once in their lifetime, though that proved difficult for many if not most.

The mighty city would fall quickly, however, after the Flood managed to infect a portion of the city during the Battle of Installation 05, quickly spreading and ultimately assimilating for the use of the Gravemind.  High Charity was then sent to Installation 00, where it ultimately crashed onto the surface of the Ark and became encased in a shield built around it by the monitor of the installation.