Halo Meridian

STATUS: Glassed (attacked 2548)





Meridian was colonized in 2432, ninety-three years prior to humanity's introduction to the Covenant.  During its first century of existence, Meridian grew into an economic engine for the UNSC, fighting off insurrectionist groups at the turn of the century and converting to military production as the colony's primary source of revenue.  Meridian managed to remain unscathed throughout much of the war, but succumbed to Covenant attack in 2548, four year prior to the war's end.  Even so, UNSC and local forces managed to fight off the Covenant for three years before they were forced to retreat and abandon the colony, only to see it glassed mere hours later.

Though glassed, portions of the moon were left untouched by the Covenant, and because of this, the planet remained somewhat habitable.  After the war, the Liang-Dortmund Corporation was sent to help resettle the planet through deglassing efforts.  Over the next six years, colonists repopulated Meridian, using leftover salvage from the three-year battle with the Covenant to help build Pinnacle Station, the new space elevator being built for the new colony.

At the end of 2558, the planet became embroiled again in a battle, this time with Forerunner Prometheans, under control of the Warden Eternal and Cortana, who raised a Forerunner Guardian from the subsurface.  The Guardian, while eventually leaving Meridian for Genesis, caused widespread damage to the fledgling colony, including an untold amount of damage to Pinnacle Station.