Yanme'e Palamok

STATUS: Intact

SPECIES: Yanme’e




Palamok is a terrestrial planet with approximately twice the mass of Earth but only around one tenth the atmospheric pressure and is the homeworld of the Yanme’e. It is a generally warm planet, with an average temperature between 85 and 105 degrees F. In 1112 the Covenant arrived, and due to an inability to communicate with the winged arthropods, a war broke out between the Yanme’e and the Covenant. Because the Covenant believed the Yanme’e hives on the surface may be protecting Forerunner artifacts, they refused to glass the planet, and this resulted in the Yanme’e winning early conflicts. Communications was eventually established between the species and the Yanme’e were incorporated into the Covenant hegemony. It is unknown how many Yanme’e still live on the planet, though it is expected that their numbers are at least in the millions.