Lekgolo Te

STATUS: Intact

POPULATION: 1.98 trillion
SPECIES: Lekgolo




Te is a gas giant with a gravity four times that of Earth’s, and the homeworld of the Lekgolo. Prior to the firing of the Halo Array at the end of the Forerunner-Flood War, the Lekgolo called Te home, though at that time were not sapient and therefore were not killed off when the rings were activated. Afterwards, the Lekgolo were left to evolve on their own, where they evolved both sapience and eventually became somewhat space faring. Due to the intense gravity of the planet, the Lekgolo only managed to get into orbit around the planet, where many Forerunner artifacts remained from the Forerunner Era. The Lekgolo used many of these artifacts as food, feeding on the alloys and destroying the artifacts in the process. This left the planet with a series of rings made up of the debris of the artifacts.

When the Covenant discovered the Lekgolo in 789 BCE, they were horrified to find that the Forerunner artifacts had been destroyed, beginning a five-year war known as the Taming of the Lekgolo. Due to the abnormal nature of the Lekgolo worms and the sheer number of them, it proved nearly impossible to eradicate the species. Eventually it was decided that a better solution was to “tame” the Lekgolo and incorporate them into the Covenant, ending the war. Te was left mostly undisturbed, though the rings were used by the Covenant to harvest rare metals and minerals with the help of the Lekgolo.