Mission Debrief


Join Colin and the Evolved crew as they breakdown each mainline Halo mission in chronological order.

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Finish the fight with Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and the Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam as they fight the Covenant on Earth and on the Ark at the tail end of the Human-Covenant War. Stop the Prophet of Truth from firing the Halo Array before he kills everyone in the galaxy. Oh yeah, and destroy all the Flood before they kill you and everyone on Earth.




Check out the latest episodes for Mission Debrief, discussing the lore, hidden secrets, the best and worst parts, and where each mission fits into the Halo universe as a whole.




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Mission Debrief



Congratulations Spartans, we’ve survived these battles.  Follow the links below to revisit prior combat operations and listen to the Mission Debrief episodes you may have missed.




We come a long way together. A long way yet to go. Let’s make a good jump like we mean to, and handle fools like we need to. And may Buck buy the first round when we get back.
— Holly Tanaka, October 2558