Episode 13 | PAX Prime with Tetrahedrite

Welcome to Podcast Evolved Spartans! Our weekly Halo podcast that broadcasts live on Twitch every Friday night!

We've got an awesome show ahead of us today as we talk a little bit about some Halo News from PAX and swing by the Armory to talk about one of the greatest weapons in Halo: the Energy Sword! Enjoy!!!

Be sure to tune in live to possibly for a chance to win as our Podcast Evolved Summer of Swag comes to a close! Also don't forget you can join us on Xbox Live after every show! This week is Halo: Reach

Evolved Crew Gamertags

  • Drew - Drewcifer R8DM

  • David - CanineCerberus

  • Krysta - KonanXD

Guest (For the First Time!)

  • Oran - Tetrahedrite

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