Episode 50 | The Present and Future state of Halo

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Whoo! We finally made it! Welcome to episode 50 of Podcast Evolved! It was a long road to get here! (We almost didn't. Shh...) In this episode, Drew hosts a discussion about what the Halo universe is now and what we want it to be. An all star cast of the Halo podcasting community joined us with Ian from Halo Canon, Kollin from Podtacular, Brad from Vanguard Updates - David and Aaron also kicking round in there! BioWolf also manages to drop into the call in time to plug some stuff!! - Big thanks to all who joined this week. Enjoy!!

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  • Drew - Drewcifer R8DM

  • David - CanineCerberus

  • Aaron - PerpetualBigAC

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