Episode 61 | Get Req'd By Krysta

Welcome to another Episode of Halo Podcast Evolved!!!

TWO WEEKS! Aaaaaahhh! We're so close! You can't tell by the sound of sleepy Drew's voice, but the Evolved Crew is so excited to be so close to diving Halo 5: Guardians with you all! Oran is still playing catch up with the lore, Krysta reminds everyone to microwave their phone, and welcome to the first ever Aaron Edited episode of Podcast Evolved! (He did a real good job, go give him a hug!)

This week's Halo 5 Guardians Dossier includes Fireteam Osiris's Edward Buck and Spartan Fred-104, brought to you by Toa Freak and his excellent YouTube Channel "Halo Canon" so go subscribe after you listen to the show! Enjoy!!

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