Episode 9 | Destiny Beta with Vanguard Updates

It's another great week for some Halo chat! We welcome community guest VanguardUpdates (GT: AloneSlayer8787) to join us on this episode! The crew share their tales of the Destiny Beta! We learn a bit about some Halo History. Check out what tidbits came from the Halo Waypoint Weekly Update with David. Swing by The Armory with Nate (for a change). Wrapping up the show with Krysta is going to indulge us with some Rampant Speculation with the help of our Podcast Evolved Facebook Group. One lucky winner will get a copy of Halo: Glasslands. Be sure to tune in live to possibly win a bonus gift as our Podcast Evolved Summer of Swag continues and the prizes get bigger! Also don't forget you can join us on Xbox Live after every show! This week is Halo 4

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