Halo: Fractures - Oasis

Welcome to another Episode of the Halo Podcast Evolved Book Club!!!


This week join Aaron, David and Krysta as they discuss the Fractures short story Oasis. It's a prequel to Halo: Envoy and follows one characters quest to save her family! So listen in and see what the team thought of this short but action packed instalment.


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  • Aaron - PerpetualBigAC

  • Krysta - KonanXD

  • David - CaineCerberus

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Halo: Saint's Testimony

This month, the team cover Saint's Testimony by Frank O'Connor. David hosts and is joined by his faithful companion Aaron while Krysta braves a Hurricane for us??? (thats the sound in the background!!). And also stopping by, Chris Aiken from our Facebook group community. Fun fact: the intro is a piece of unreleased music for Halo 4 I found called Librarian - seemed fitting for Book Clubs! Enjoy!

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