Episode 150 | The Tobias Buckell Interview

Welcome to not another issue of Podcast Evolved

This week we are delighted to bring you a 2hr special as Tobias Buckell author of Halo: Cole Protocol, Halo: Envoy and the short stories Dirt and Oasis joins us. We cover a whole range of topics with Tobias, we discuss writing for Bungie/343i, all his books and of course some community questions!


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Episode 82 | The Jeffisode

This week join David, Aaron, Drew, Krysta, Oran in welcoming the one an only JEFF EASTERLING (aka GrimBrother One)! This whole issue is all about the man himself and we are delighted for him to grace us with his presence!!! We cover a whole range of topics with Jeff including his favourite game in the series, and much much more! Enjoy!

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Episode 68 | The Lost Issue with Sean Finnegan

This week's episode is a super special one!! Long time listeners my recall that once upon a time we lost an important, special episode. That episode was number 39 and it contained a fantastic interview with none other than Sean 'The Shark' Finnegan of IGN fame. The loss of this episode plagued our minds for many months... until now!!!

We are very grateful that Sean was kind enough to join us again in recording this super bumper episode of Evolved!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Lots of random musings to follow The Shark. Join Drew, David, Oran and Krysta as they take a dive below the IGN waters. Enjoy!

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