Halo: Bad Blood

Welcome to another Episode of the Halo Podcast Evolved Book Club!!!

HALO: Bad Blood
By Matt Forbeck

This week join Oran, Krysta, David and Aaron as they discuss Halo Bad Blood, the third novel from Matt Forbeck and the continuation everyone's favourite Spartan Buck. Spoilers ahead for Halo New Blood, Halo ODST and Halo 5!!!


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  • Oran - Tetrahedrite


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Halo: New Blood with Matt Forbeck

This week is a big one!!! Drew, David and Krysta are joined by Matt Forbeck - the author of Halo: New Blood. This special episode covers an exclusive interview Matt in the Dossier. After that, we of course spoil the crap out of Halo: New Blood with Matt in this month's Halo Book Club. Enjoy!!!

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