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Blogging Evolved is a collection of blogs on various topics involving the Halo universe. The blog was started by Ian Francis in 2018, and currently features two series, Fiction Science and Tin Foil Halo. The former is a look into the science behind Halo, analyzing the feasibility of technology or science portrayed in the Halo medium, while the latter is an exposition of theories of events that have or are expected to happen within the Halo universe. The blogs also have occasional guest writers, including host of Mission Debrief Colin Perkins.

MD Fiction Science   BROWSE ▶

Explore the science behind the technology of Halo.

Book Tin Foil Halo   BROWSE ▶

Read theories on the events within the Halo universe.

Book Community Update   BROWSE ▶

Updates and announcements in the Podcast Evolved community.

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